NYC Adventures Part 2

The one where I seeked more street art, visited Rockefeller Centre, got a tour in Radio City Music Hall, ate at Katz’s Deli, and watched the Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time.

See what I did there? A post about New York City is a very appropriate time for a Friends reference. 🙂


New York City has excellent street art. Near East Houston Street and 2nd Avenue, there is a great variety of graffiti and murals, just like the ones in the featured image. I highly recommend everyone to take some time to explore their city or the place they are visiting; you can find some pretty neat things! I took a candid photo of my friend as she studied this blue, undulant graffiti.

After looking at New York street art, I was inspired to create something too. But with more research, it became clear that majority of the art we saw were illegal? I always assumed that skate parks that were filled with graffiti were okay places to tag; turns out that it is illegal unless given permission by the owner. I guess I’ll stick to drawing in my sketchbook for now.



Murals that we saw were obviously legal; artist couldn’t possibly go unnoticed painting on a giant wall for hours and days. The one you see above is by OSGEMEOS, they are twin brothers from Brazil. A motif in most of their projects is bright, yellow people. OSGEMEOS also did the Vancouver Biennale in Granville Island! Pretty cool!


My friends and I got to explore Rockefeller Centre. As you can see, it was a beautiful day of clear, blue skies. The ice rink made me all Elf nostalgic. We grabbed lunch at Bouchon Bakery across the street from the centre; it was a lovely cafe type of place but had barely any seats. Their roasted sweet potato sandwich was way too oily, however, their giant pistachio macaron was made with perfection.

Then, it was time to head to Radio City Music Hall


We got a VIP tour at the music hall. The place was enormous with the capacity of a little over 6000 people. Although much of the building has gone under a huge renovation,  some elements, like the women’s bathroom, remained relatively the same. I don’t know why out of the whole building I chose to take a photo of the bathroom. Sigh.


Dinner at one of the most iconic places from When Harry Met Sally, Katz’s Deli was mediocre. Watch out vegans, this place doesn’t have much for your stomachs. Their pastrami is really famous, but being a weird vegetarian wanna-be, I got the egg salad. Never had I seen so much salad stuffed between two slices of bread; I must have ate 6 eggs from that one sandwich. Definitely come here if you are a WHMS fan!


To end off the day, we returned to Times Square for The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time. I finished the novel on the plane to New York, and I was hyped to watch it.

What an incredible show. Tyler Lea was amazing! Being a design student, the set was fabulous. It was minimalistic but still very effective at portraying different settings. I cried a few times during the show. The ending (before Christopher was explaining math concepts) resonated with me up to this day. HIGHLY RECOMMEND! 🙂

That is all for today. This series is super fun to produce. I hope you enjoyed reading !

Bye for now. Look out for Part 3.


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