how we dispose things

crumpled paper

Acrylic and ink. 2017. AP art concentration.

I am beginning to think that good art nowadays are all a bit cynical and satirical of our own behaviours. Thoughts? I, honestly, don’t mind because I am just a teenager, always in the state of disbelief or deny (I don’t know, haha). But then again good art is very subjective. Shrug, shrug.

Feast your eyes with “good” art. And stay inspired, y’all.


classic crushed cola

where would we be if coca-cola did not exit ? it is a classic even when it is crushed and tossed in the recycling bin . i fished this can out of the recycling bin of my local supermarket . the owner looked at me suspiciously . and i wonder if she ever thinks about how much waste we create and judges our generation

crushed cola

Acrylic and marker. 2017. Art concentration.

Yesterday, I…

Pencil Crayon. 2017. AP concentration.

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yesterday i ate the last branch of grapes threw the shiny box away like mom and dad like every other day with every other useless leftover shiny box and containers where they pile up and reach infinity but they do so out of sight and completely unregistered by mom and dad and me and us

Ttyl (when I am a little more sane with less stress LOL).

The Ideal Hiatus of Plastic

Acrylic, ink, marker. 2017. AP concentration.

Last month went by in a blur. My hiatus was largely due to the growing panic of AP exams and deadlines. While I was not blogging, I was scrambling through math problem sets and dubious art essays. I have to finish my portfolio in 2 weeks. I just have no time for anything else! (Poor excuse I know. )

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Acrylic, ink, marker. 2017.

As I am still trying to conjure an adequate theme for my art portfolio, the basis of it will be about recycling and mindfulness. I mindlessly toss plastic container after container into the recycling, but I never note the impact of my actions. How much garbage and plastic do I create in a week? A month? A year?

And wouldn’t the world be a better place if plastic recycling went into a hiatus, similar to my recent hiatus on wordpress?

To my HS senior peeps, holy crap, we are almost there, like I can smell the scent of caps and gowns in the air. I don’t drink coffee regularly, but I recently started drinking it every morning. I am just trying to get through the last two month of HS, alright? 😉

Ttyl (hopefully when I am less sleep-deprived and fully rejuvenated).

Advocacy for Cute Rabbits (aka all of them)

What a lot of people don’t know about me is that I volunteer at a local rabbit shelter, and I love (love love) rabbits and other animals. I am not usually an advocacy person, nor do I like making speeches and getting into heated debates. However, I feel the need to address the mistreatment of rabbits, especially pet rabbits.

Please be well informed and educated before getting a pet rabbit, or any other pet.

At the shelter, we witness only a fraction of animal abuse and neglect that occurs locally. Mistreatment may range from ignorance, carelessness, neglect, to malice. Sometimes harm may be done to pet rabbits unintentionally, such as insufficient income to support a healthy rabbit diet. In those cases, the best solution is to amend the problems if possible, to surrender the rabbits to a shelter, or to euthanize the rabbits in very serious cases.

Please, please, please educate yourself before getting yourself a pet rabbit or any other pet. Keep in mind the span of your commitment and the animal’s life span, the proper diet, the amount of compassion and care you are willing to offer, and the expenses.

Some people don’t value animal well being and welfare as much as me; my advocacy may seem pointless to those but I think a real compassionate and kind person treats all lives fairly.  Compassion may come in many forms: surrendering pets, adopting animals, or even not adopting. If you can’t provide the sufficient care for a pet, the best thing is not to get one. Try volunteering at an animal shelter instead (like me haha).

Be kind. Be educated. And if you are a pet owner, you also need to be responsible for taking whatever action that best suits your animal.

Thank you for reading! I am thinking about starting a weekly series about the rabbits at the shelter? But I don’t want to make a commitment yet because I just got a job. What a hectic schedule I have subjected myself to. Haha, but being busy is good for me. Anyways…

Ttyl, internet friends. (If you actually cared to read this lengthy post I can call you a friend right?)

Photo: collage of National Geographic magazines, Inkscape edited. 2017. By me!