Maybe it’s tomates because I think french is cool. Or maybe it’s tomates because I can’t spell while I am drawing and forgot an “O”. Who knows?


Watercolour Monoprint (I think)

This is a watercolour monoprint, inspired by an article about tomatoes. Yes, apparently you are less likely to develop cancer if you consume lots of tomato.

It was definitely a difficult process painting on gum arabic. That stuff doesn’t absorb water quickly, so the watercolour just pooled on the paper and the colours slid around. IT WAS A CRAZY TIME. I am so glad I went through with the print because it turned out great. When I began this TOMATES piece, I hated it because the watercolour won’t stay in place. However, I ended up loving the final product.

I have really good news (but I am going to be lowkey about it because I might scare you away with my excitement)! I got acceptance letters from two worthy-of-considering universities. Ahhhh! I can’t believe it! Already?! And they are both offering me scholarships?! I am beyond elation. All of this good news has made me so happy the past few days. Before getting this good news, I was having a terrible night. A cold, depressing evening with little sleep. Life is full of surprises.

If you’re having the most-unfortunate day, just know that the most-fortunate day may be waiting for you around the corner. Life is spontaneous, and what happens in it is a surprise. Hopefully, you can just brush off the bad days and embrace the amazing ones instead.

Edit: This is making me realize how fortunate I am. To be able to have many amazing days to let go of the bad ones. I just think about teenagers in war ridden countries and how the bad days can’t just be brushed off. This makes me incredible sad and extremely grateful.

Talk to you tomorrow, with less significantly less rambling. Wink wink.

Watercolour Monoprint with pen. Edited with Inkscape. 2016.


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