Harrison Hot Spring


Outdoor hot spring is way better than indoor hot pool. Only if it is secluded. The hot water was relaxing but when I glanced across the pool and saw a couple embracing…Things got awkward. Especially when you are with your family. Nonetheless, I took some great photos of the village around the hotel. Even after Christmas, the village still had Christmas lights strung up, all festive and jolly.


Pretty lights!


The Lakeview Restaurant was adorable.



I was taking photos of the people around me and every photo turned out great because of the blurred christmas lights in the background. 🙂

Grandma gave me consent to post this photo! Big thumbs up to her.

twin trees

These twin trees sat right outside of my hotel room. I had a crazy desire to draw them. Look at them. They’re like brother and sister. Or sister and sister?


The view from the hotel room was amazing. If only the weather was better.


I could also see the snowy mountain tops from my room! I wonder if bears live in there.


Hotels give me the creeps. When you look down the hallway, no one is ever there. And everything looks oddly symmetrical.

Overall a great stay/vacation. I enjoyed spending time exploring the small town. Great vacations don’t have to be long overseas at an exotic location (although still very nice). Just spend time with your family and enjoy every moment! 🙂

Bye for now! Take care.



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