Restless in Seattle

A few weeks ago, I had a chance to take a road trip to Seattle for the weekend. I visited a few of Seattle’s icons. It was damn fun!


First stop after a long drive was the Pike Place Market. Everyone was hungry and needless to say, grumpy. Piroshky, Piroshky was bustling with a long line up but no one complained because the menu looked delicious.


Apple Cinnamon Roll looked heavenly and huge. Are they suppose to be hot? Mine was cold.. I wish I had access to a microwave.


The Smoked Salmon Pate was my favorite! Is it obvious? I was half way done when I realized I should have took a photo.


The “first” Starbucks store (according to Wikipedia this isn’t) had a huge line up.  The store was packed! I got my usual order and a mug with that beautiful creature on it.


The Pike Place Market was packed. Someone’s head is in my photo above and someone’s foot, below. There were lots of fresh foods. And the flowers were beautiful (and inexpensive)!


Those fishes were huge! Below the ground level, I found many knick knack stores. Very cool.


The highlight of this trip was the Chihuly Garden and Glass. I loved the sculptures! They were bigger and more vibrant in person than on camera. Loved the atmosphere of the museum.


Space needle is an essential tourist spot. Everyone liked their time at the top of Seattle. My featured imagines are photos I took after dinner and one, really after dinner.


I saved the grossest for last. The gum wall. Super gross. Sorry for the bad quality but I didn’t want to whip out my camera and accidentally have someone fling gum onto the lens. Surprising, the ground was pretty clean. I contributed too! (happy face)

Thanks to this trip, my camera and I are reacquainted once again. Hooray!


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