This is NYC’s famous cake shop, Lady M . They are famous for their crepe cakes, which were extremely delicious. Just don’t let your greed get the better of yourself, and you will be able to enjoy these cakes like most people have. 😛 I was (just a little bit) greedy and ate too much. HA HA.



Okay, so this photo turned out great. 🙂

This cake, their Signature Mille Crêpes, was divine…at first. The first bite was amazing. My friends and I just looked at each other, astonished by the quality of the cake. It was nice and light in texture and creamy (ew, my least favourite adjective) and sweet. The second bite was good too. And then the third, and the fourth. By the time I was done 3/4 of this slice, I was secretly wishing for Chipotle.

Then I ate my second slice of cake, which was like a vanilla sponge cake. Yes, I ate 2 slices of cake in one sitting but to be fair that was my lunch ($16!!!! I don’t eat meat but that’s like 8 hot dogs!) and I needed the energy to continue touristy activities. After eating, I was over crepe cakes…for the rest of my life!

Overall, super good cake! Go there and have a slice with a friend or something. Don’t be greedy like me and ruin something amazing for yourself.

BYE! As of today 🙂



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