NYC Highlights

Brooklyn Bridge


Grand Central Station
9/11 Memorial Site
View from Empire State Building
High Line
One World Trade Center

My favourite photo from New York is of the One World Trade Center. I was incredibly lucky to be able to capture this photograph on that beautiful day. I love the reflections of the cloudy sky on the building. Often times, great photography is all about luck.

Enjoy! And talk to you soon!



This is NYC’s famous cake shop, Lady M . They are famous for their crepe cakes, which were extremely delicious. Just don’t let your greed get the better of yourself, and you will be able to enjoy these cakes like most people have. 😛 I was (just a little bit) greedy and ate too much. HA HA.



Okay, so this photo turned out great. 🙂

This cake, their Signature Mille Crêpes, was divine…at first. The first bite was amazing. My friends and I just looked at each other, astonished by the quality of the cake. It was nice and light in texture and creamy (ew, my least favourite adjective) and sweet. The second bite was good too. And then the third, and the fourth. By the time I was done 3/4 of this slice, I was secretly wishing for Chipotle.

Then I ate my second slice of cake, which was like a vanilla sponge cake. Yes, I ate 2 slices of cake in one sitting but to be fair that was my lunch ($16!!!! I don’t eat meat but that’s like 8 hot dogs!) and I needed the energy to continue touristy activities. After eating, I was over crepe cakes…for the rest of my life!

Overall, super good cake! Go there and have a slice with a friend or something. Don’t be greedy like me and ruin something amazing for yourself.

BYE! As of today 🙂


The Mesmerizing MET

Situated in the heart of Manhattan, in Central Park, is the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It is a place for all ages and all interests. My experience there mainly consisted of excitement, fascination, and fangirling reactions (all from me). Prior to my visit, I made a long list of things I wanted to see like Ugolino and His Sons, Madame X, and Monet’s Water Lilies, but when I got there, reality dawned upon me, there was just too much too see. I had to be selective about what I wanted to see.


I spent most of my visit in the Greek and Roman Art section because it was a fascinating collection of art, mythology, and history.

Ugolino and His Sons is a beautiful sculpture, by Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux, that holds an captivating and eerie story. Ugolino and his sons were imprisoned and starving. His sons eventually died around 1288, and rumour had it that Ugolino was so crazy with hunger that he ate the corpses of his dead children. So was Carpeaux choosing to depict hunger or grief in Ugolino’s eternal gnawing of his fingers?


The museum was absolutely beautiful!


I hope these photos can inspire artists out there. I know that when I saw rooms of marble sculptures, I was compelled to sit down, observe, and to draw in my sketchbook. Something about the white marbled faces is mesmerizing.

A lovely installation piece below.


My number 1 to see was Madame X by John Singer Sargent (left painting below) mainly because I was practicing oil painting and my art teacher suggested Singer-Sargent as an inspiration. His paintings are captivating because they showed phenomenal skill but the lightly washed background makes them look effortless. All of his paintings were huge; Madame X was bigger than Madame X herself. This painting was initially criticized and considered rather scandalous! I think some people today would even consider Madame X’s attire to be modest. Anyways, I loved Sargent’s paintings, no matter how modest or scandalous they are.

The MET can easily be one of the best museums in America; it is a marriage of art, cultures, history, and wisdom, from the Egyptians to the Chinese. As a student, I was inspired greatly. Thanks New York!

Oh, and don’t forget to take a lunch break and eat on the steps outside the MET. And look out for a shady food truck  that has MUSTURD on their menu instead of MUSTARD; don’t want turd on your hot dog, am I right? 😛

Thanks for reading! Bye for now. 🙂

NYC Adventures Part 2

The one where I seeked more street art, visited Rockefeller Centre, got a tour in Radio City Music Hall, ate at Katz’s Deli, and watched the Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time.

See what I did there? A post about New York City is a very appropriate time for a Friends reference. 🙂


New York City has excellent street art. Near East Houston Street and 2nd Avenue, there is a great variety of graffiti and murals, just like the ones in the featured image. I highly recommend everyone to take some time to explore their city or the place they are visiting; you can find some pretty neat things! I took a candid photo of my friend as she studied this blue, undulant graffiti.

After looking at New York street art, I was inspired to create something too. But with more research, it became clear that majority of the art we saw were illegal? I always assumed that skate parks that were filled with graffiti were okay places to tag; turns out that it is illegal unless given permission by the owner. I guess I’ll stick to drawing in my sketchbook for now.



Murals that we saw were obviously legal; artist couldn’t possibly go unnoticed painting on a giant wall for hours and days. The one you see above is by OSGEMEOS, they are twin brothers from Brazil. A motif in most of their projects is bright, yellow people. OSGEMEOS also did the Vancouver Biennale in Granville Island! Pretty cool!


My friends and I got to explore Rockefeller Centre. As you can see, it was a beautiful day of clear, blue skies. The ice rink made me all Elf nostalgic. We grabbed lunch at Bouchon Bakery across the street from the centre; it was a lovely cafe type of place but had barely any seats. Their roasted sweet potato sandwich was way too oily, however, their giant pistachio macaron was made with perfection.

Then, it was time to head to Radio City Music Hall


We got a VIP tour at the music hall. The place was enormous with the capacity of a little over 6000 people. Although much of the building has gone under a huge renovation,  some elements, like the women’s bathroom, remained relatively the same. I don’t know why out of the whole building I chose to take a photo of the bathroom. Sigh.


Dinner at one of the most iconic places from When Harry Met Sally, Katz’s Deli was mediocre. Watch out vegans, this place doesn’t have much for your stomachs. Their pastrami is really famous, but being a weird vegetarian wanna-be, I got the egg salad. Never had I seen so much salad stuffed between two slices of bread; I must have ate 6 eggs from that one sandwich. Definitely come here if you are a WHMS fan!


To end off the day, we returned to Times Square for The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time. I finished the novel on the plane to New York, and I was hyped to watch it.

What an incredible show. Tyler Lea was amazing! Being a design student, the set was fabulous. It was minimalistic but still very effective at portraying different settings. I cried a few times during the show. The ending (before Christopher was explaining math concepts) resonated with me up to this day. HIGHLY RECOMMEND! 🙂

That is all for today. This series is super fun to produce. I hope you enjoyed reading !

Bye for now. Look out for Part 3.

NYC Adventures Part 1

I am elated to share my first full day in NYC where I found cool street art, explored the  High Line and the Chelsea Market, visited Museum of Modern Art, and watched Amateur Night at the Apollo Theatre.

Super awesome day that began with wonderful weather which meant that I finally had the opportunity to wear my crazy, reflective Ray-Bans (many people had commented how bad-ass I looked, oh ya). My friends and I did a subway tour starting at Penn Station (below) where we learned that the old Penn station, a real piece art, was torn down for office and recreational buildings. Such a shame!


As we wandered through the streets…

Bud Light

We found some rad street art. Or building art? Just admire the size of the Bud Light compared the tiny people fixing up the paint. Cool!


This is one of my favourite street arts I found in New York City. I love the realism with the graffiti tags. She peers at the naughty travellers as they pass her with huge cameras and cellphones. Big thumbs up!


I took this photo because I love the teal, tiffany blue kind of colour. Also, New York has a huge population of sticker tags; you can get a good laugh if you spend time reading them.


We spent a few hours walking through the High Line which is an old, 1.5 mile railway that was converted into a park. There were plenty of public art on display and greenery. I decided to write a separate post about the High Line because I have a myriad of things to share with you guys, so look out for that! I highly recommend you to go check out this park 🙂


Lunch! Ah, one of my favourite meals. We decided to eat at the Chelsea Market which had a series of cute, hipster stores/booths. Apparently Oreos were first made here!


Every lunch spot was packed except for Lucy’s Whey, I guess because it is a cheese shop and not a restaurant or a cafe. An very important person who shall not be named said that Lucy’s Whey’s grilled cheese sandwich was the best they ever had.  I got a grilled cheese (I can’t remember the name!) that had fig jam, and it was divine!

Next stop was MOMA, Museum of Modern Art. Wow, I had an amazing time! If you want to have an amazing time too, you need to do some homework and research about artists and paintings. I was dying to see Andy Warhol’s Campbell soups and Van Gogh’s Portrait of the Postman Joseph Roulin! I was blown away by Van Gogh and his mark making!

The real pieces of art will never compare to photographs so I recommend you to visit MOMA yourself. My advice to tourists is to visit MOMA before the MET because MOMA will seem small and insignificant after the MET.


Jackson Pollock’s works were also fabulous. He had a complete exhibition to himself. This painting which I forgot to record the name was special because you can see Pollock’s accidental handprints in the upper right corner.  🙂

To wrap up the day…


We went to Amateur Night at the Apollo Theatre where numerous African-American singers began their musical careers here. Ella Fitzgerald’s fame began here! The performers on Amateur Night sang beautifully, and we had so much fun participating as the audience, wooing and booing.

Afterwards, it was time to head back to our hotel. What an wonderful, busy day! All I wanted to do was to go to sleep but I had to wait in line to shower, perks of having 3 long-haired roommates.

Thanks for reading! Hope you stick around for the next segment. I have lots of exciting things lined up. 🙂

Bye for now.

Neon Nightlife, NYC

I arrived in New York in the evening, almost time for dinner. Tired from sitting in my cramped airplane seat for five hours but feeling adventurous, I arrived in Times Square to see the neon lights. Hundreds, maybe thousands of people loitering around the square-shopping? Exercising? Eating? Drinking? Secretly wondering how much electricity is being used per second? (That’s me!) Even on a normal Tuesday night, Times Square is occupied with tons of people simply because the city transforms into a different world at night.


The radiant, big screens allow for beautiful portraits lit blue, red, and pink. My friend took a great portrait of me; to my dismay, a lovely fellow decided to photobomb. KABOOM! Thanks pal.

One thing I loved about New York City was how grand the buildings appear to be, both in size and beauty. The neon lit Empire State Building (photo above)  that peeked out between buildings as I walked through the streets gave me motivation to strive for greatness.

Did you know that the Empire State Building changes colour every night to honour or celebrate? In my photo, the Empire State Building was lit in a magenta pink to celebrate International Women’s Day (March 8). 🙂

I especially love the building on Broadway and West 42nd street (photo on bottom left). I rarely see buildings as elaborate and detailed as this one in Vancouver. Even though most buildings in NYC are simply a rectangle, there are various decorative elements that make the buildings more interesting. Just look at the details embedded into the window, the frame, the arches.

After walking around Times Square, my friends and I grabbed a quick dinner. My first meal in New York was burger and fries from Five Guys near Madison Square Garden. Food was mediocre; my burger was dry and fries were near burnt. Given a choice, I would not return to any Five Guys restaurants in the future. Let me tell you beforehand that my trip to NYC entails lots of mediocre food and a few blissful bites of deliciousness; when you walk and go to as many places as we do in a day, quality of food is not a big issue but rather speed and convenience. Don’t worry though, I have some photos of great food in New York.

One of the best moments of that night was returning to my hotel room…to take off my boots. My boots were one inch heeled but boy did they hurt my feet. Take my advice and just wear your Vans or Nikes because your feet will thank you after a day in New York. 🙂

That concludes my first night in New York. Thanks for reading!

Bye for now.