NYC Adventures Part 1

I am elated to share my first full day in NYC where I found cool street art, explored the  High Line and the Chelsea Market, visited Museum of Modern Art, and watched Amateur Night at the Apollo Theatre.

Super awesome day that began with wonderful weather which meant that I finally had the opportunity to wear my crazy, reflective Ray-Bans (many people had commented how bad-ass I looked, oh ya). My friends and I did a subway tour starting at Penn Station (below) where we learned that the old Penn station, a real piece art, was torn down for office and recreational buildings. Such a shame!


As we wandered through the streets…

Bud Light

We found some rad street art. Or building art? Just admire the size of the Bud Light compared the tiny people fixing up the paint. Cool!


This is one of my favourite street arts I found in New York City. I love the realism with the graffiti tags. She peers at the naughty travellers as they pass her with huge cameras and cellphones. Big thumbs up!


I took this photo because I love the teal, tiffany blue kind of colour. Also, New York has a huge population of sticker tags; you can get a good laugh if you spend time reading them.


We spent a few hours walking through the High Line which is an old, 1.5 mile railway that was converted into a park. There were plenty of public art on display and greenery. I decided to write a separate post about the High Line because I have a myriad of things to share with you guys, so look out for that! I highly recommend you to go check out this park 🙂


Lunch! Ah, one of my favourite meals. We decided to eat at the Chelsea Market which had a series of cute, hipster stores/booths. Apparently Oreos were first made here!


Every lunch spot was packed except for Lucy’s Whey, I guess because it is a cheese shop and not a restaurant or a cafe. An very important person who shall not be named said that Lucy’s Whey’s grilled cheese sandwich was the best they ever had.  I got a grilled cheese (I can’t remember the name!) that had fig jam, and it was divine!

Next stop was MOMA, Museum of Modern Art. Wow, I had an amazing time! If you want to have an amazing time too, you need to do some homework and research about artists and paintings. I was dying to see Andy Warhol’s Campbell soups and Van Gogh’s Portrait of the Postman Joseph Roulin! I was blown away by Van Gogh and his mark making!

The real pieces of art will never compare to photographs so I recommend you to visit MOMA yourself. My advice to tourists is to visit MOMA before the MET because MOMA will seem small and insignificant after the MET.


Jackson Pollock’s works were also fabulous. He had a complete exhibition to himself. This painting which I forgot to record the name was special because you can see Pollock’s accidental handprints in the upper right corner.  🙂

To wrap up the day…


We went to Amateur Night at the Apollo Theatre where numerous African-American singers began their musical careers here. Ella Fitzgerald’s fame began here! The performers on Amateur Night sang beautifully, and we had so much fun participating as the audience, wooing and booing.

Afterwards, it was time to head back to our hotel. What an wonderful, busy day! All I wanted to do was to go to sleep but I had to wait in line to shower, perks of having 3 long-haired roommates.

Thanks for reading! Hope you stick around for the next segment. I have lots of exciting things lined up. 🙂

Bye for now.


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