Vancouver: Inquiries in Nature

You get the best of both worlds.

Thank you, Hannah. Vancouver’s Stanley Park is the perfect place to visit for any city people reaching for a glimpse of nature. When you cruise along the roads adjacent to the numerous beaches, you have lush forests on one side of you and cityscapes on the other.



These totem poles made by the First Nations people are beautiful!



How high up can the clouds go? I once had a dream where I jumped up and keep on flying upwards and the city beneath me just got smaller and smaller. A wonderful dream.


T’was a beautiful day.


It was truly a senile change of scenery, from grey and flashing television screens, to sea green and steel blues.

If you’re interested in visiting Stanley Park and want to learn more about the park, here’s a link. I have to admit, there are more places to visit and things to do in Stanley Park but this trip for me was just to slow down and reflect upon life and existence and meaning and stars and happiness.

Do you have these episodes of endless mind bogging inquiries?


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