What Leaves Each Season

Hey. Remember when I drew this last year? Probably not (but you can stalk me to find that post from last year, wink wink ). I did this physical ink drawing last year, and this year, since discovering Inkscape, I have decided to revamp the drawing with my current style.

I am really happy with my progress as an artist. A pat on my back for taking that big step to make my portfolio more eloquent and professional (and fresh? Can I say that? LOL).


What leaves each season? (Pun intended)

Negativity? Bad feelings? Low self-esteem?

Ya, I think they should leave with the change of a new season. The door is over there. Please help yourself out.

I get very hyped, almost too much, for new seasons because I see it as an opportunity for a fresh start and to get rid of all the negativity from the past. Give yourself a pep talk. Treat yourself. Let yourself start a new season with a bright, joyful outlook on school, friends, family, and/or life in general. Okay?

Good talk, good talk. Ink, edited with Inkscape. 2016. Talk to you later.


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