Different Sides of Me

Body anatomy has finally gotten to me, and I can’t stop drawing bodies and parts of it? Sounds peculiar, I know. But isn’t art about embracing our own weirdness? Anyhow. This week, I got in touch with the different sides of me.

The depressed, self-demotivating me. (Not my favourite)

The vibrant, positive, diligent me.

The stoic, indifferent me. (Not my favourite)

The care-free, whimsical me. (Not my favourite)

I have been thrown some failures at school, and I learnt that it takes a lot of effort to motivate oneself again after certain failures. At first, you obsess over your mistakes and incompetence. Then, you feel like moping and doing nothing. The hardest but most crucial thing for you, then, is to revamp your attitudes and to put some faith into your own abilities. Believing in yourself will motivate you to start working towards your goal again.

I recall my physics quiz mark with grimace. And while a part of me wants to stop trying and to flunk the upcoming test, I WILL NOT DO THAT. I am capable of success, or so I tell myself. That one quiz, which I flunked, does not define my knowledge and intelligence (because quite honestly, I was being extremely clumsy and rough with my work). So don’t give up. Keeping trying, like me. We’re in this together.

Drawing: Ink on paper, edited with Inkscape.


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