You Complete Me

You complete me. 

complete me

Ink drawing. Edited by Inkscape. 2017



Print to digital drawing. Edited with Inkscape. 2017.


I am currently on spring break. Just when I thought I would be having a break from school, I am pulled into days full of this to do and that to do. This week is definitely going to fly by. Better to be occupied than bored, am I right? Stay tuned for more art to come! (happy face)


Life Drawing…

is too much fun. My absence can be explained in two words: life drawing. Did I mention yet that it is really fun? Haha. I think you get the jest of it.

Life drawing class is vastly different from any other art class. First of all, there are no instructions. Second, it is extremely intense. If you walk into the studio, you probably won’t even hear a single breath. Everyone, and I mean everyone, is deeply absorbed in their own drawings. Being the clumsy person I am, the loudest thing coming from my class was my pencil dropping onto the ground, several times.

Life drawing to me is like a puzzle, or a riddle. I am constantly battling time and space. How am I going to capture this posture in 5 minutes? In 15 minutes? How am I going to convey that bent arm? My heart would be racing. After 5, 10, or whatever minutes is over, I would still feel the remnants of the adrenaline pumping through my veins. I would step back and finally admire my arduous work.

5 Minutes

So much fun, I guarantee you if you like observational drawing.

5 Minutes

I am definitely not the best artist when it comes to life drawing, so I am going to keep practicing and working on my observational skills. I hope other amateur artists like me are too! Don’t give up!

30 Minutes

If you are wondering why I only chose three drawings out of numerous others, it is because the other poses were much more anatomical (if you know what I mean haha). And if you ever feel embarrassed at a life drawing session, don’t be!

Alright, hopefully my next post will be more creative. Stay tuned!


What Leaves Each Season

Hey. Remember when I drew this last year? Probably not (but you can stalk me to find that post from last year, wink wink ). I did this physical ink drawing last year, and this year, since discovering Inkscape, I have decided to revamp the drawing with my current style.

I am really happy with my progress as an artist. A pat on my back for taking that big step to make my portfolio more eloquent and professional (and fresh? Can I say that? LOL).


What leaves each season? (Pun intended)

Negativity? Bad feelings? Low self-esteem?

Ya, I think they should leave with the change of a new season. The door is over there. Please help yourself out.

I get very hyped, almost too much, for new seasons because I see it as an opportunity for a fresh start and to get rid of all the negativity from the past. Give yourself a pep talk. Treat yourself. Let yourself start a new season with a bright, joyful outlook on school, friends, family, and/or life in general. Okay?

Good talk, good talk. Ink, edited with Inkscape. 2016. Talk to you later.

Different Sides of Me

Body anatomy has finally gotten to me, and I can’t stop drawing bodies and parts of it? Sounds peculiar, I know. But isn’t art about embracing our own weirdness? Anyhow. This week, I got in touch with the different sides of me.

The depressed, self-demotivating me. (Not my favourite)

The vibrant, positive, diligent me.

The stoic, indifferent me. (Not my favourite)

The care-free, whimsical me. (Not my favourite)

I have been thrown some failures at school, and I learnt that it takes a lot of effort to motivate oneself again after certain failures. At first, you obsess over your mistakes and incompetence. Then, you feel like moping and doing nothing. The hardest but most crucial thing for you, then, is to revamp your attitudes and to put some faith into your own abilities. Believing in yourself will motivate you to start working towards your goal again.

I recall my physics quiz mark with grimace. And while a part of me wants to stop trying and to flunk the upcoming test, I WILL NOT DO THAT. I am capable of success, or so I tell myself. That one quiz, which I flunked, does not define my knowledge and intelligence (because quite honestly, I was being extremely clumsy and rough with my work). So don’t give up. Keeping trying, like me. We’re in this together.

Drawing: Ink on paper, edited with Inkscape.

Final Resolution

Lately, I have noticed that my friends are caught up in quagmires, whether it would be in the process or in the past. They would complain about their murky situations constantly, and every form of consolation on my behalf would be useless. They seem to enjoy blabbering about their sorrows instead of taking action to resolve the so described sorrows. They need a resolution!

Sure, it can be tough to obtain a resolution if a dispute involved more than one person, because everyone would need to come together (most likely unwillingly) to form that resolution and to close that painful chapter in their lives. But a resolution is so crucial to one’s recovery from bitter feelings. To find resolution in oneself…

I tell my friends to DO WHAT YOU LOVE.

Once they realized that they do not want to mope around and feel sorry for themselves, I told them to do what they loved, as in hobbies or activities. The act of pursuing such things promotes self-esteem, confidence, and most importantly happiness.

For me personally, art has always been my medicine. Everytime I get caught up with drama at school or with friends, I draw to give myself some time to rewind and reflect upon everything. A single sketchbook entry is evidence of my growth and self awareness. So can I suggest for anyone out there trying to emerge from the moping stage of a breakup, dispute, or argument, to pick up a pen and some paper? It really helped me. (happy face)

Just do what you love.

Excerpt to my drawing aka the feature image: I was inspired by an artist that dedicated his art to junkyard cars. Art continues to amaze me by its ability to capture the beauty in even ugly and dirty things. The infatuation with junkyard cars, I believe, is derived from the sense of hope that they give, even beat up pieces of metals can shine in beauty. In relation to our lives, these junkyard cars symbolize victims of emotional or physical pain; if these dusty relics can still reflect beauty, so can victims of heartbreak and pain.

Ah friends, we certainly explored some deep topics today. I complained about my friends, reflected upon solutions to certain sorrows, gave light to ways I find resolutions to problems, and analyzed my own art. Hope this helped even one person out there, or half a person, or a quarter of a person!

Talk to you later. Bye bye.

I Wonder

I wonder who lives across from me. The people behind the white, stark door with an outdated lunar new year poster. Or the people behind the white, barren door, beside their outrageously belated neighbours. They are my neighbours too. And we all seem to be only barely acquainted, not quite past the name greeting phase but totally past the attempt to ignore each other’s existence. Thus, I sit here on a Saturday afternoon, pondering about my neighbours. Who are they?

Markers + Pen. 2016.