how we dispose things

crumpled paper

Acrylic and ink. 2017. AP art concentration.

I am beginning to think that good art nowadays are all a bit cynical and satirical of our own behaviours. Thoughts? I, honestly, don’t mind because I am just a teenager, always in the state of disbelief or deny (I don’t know, haha). But then again good art is very subjective. Shrug, shrug.

Feast your eyes with “good” art. And stay inspired, y’all.



classic crushed cola

where would we be if coca-cola did not exit ? it is a classic even when it is crushed and tossed in the recycling bin . i fished this can out of the recycling bin of my local supermarket . the owner looked at me suspiciously . and i wonder if she ever thinks about how much waste we create and judges our generation

crushed cola

Acrylic and marker. 2017. Art concentration.

Suave September Sketchbook

It has been almost 1 month! I am the worst blogger ever! I sat at my desk thinking I have to post something today, or I can’t ever show my pixels on this pixelated url ever again. My sketchbook was hollering to be photographed so here it is:


Hands, cool. Acrylic.


Apples, cool. Acrylic on Nat Geo.

everybody does it

Picking your nose, not so cool in public. Sorry lady! I didn’t mean to invade your personal space. You were the first face I saw. Genuinely sorry. Please forgive me. Acrylic on ad.


My art teacher was emphasizing on the visual attraction of interacting strokes and lines. Is this COHESIVE ENOUGH? Not really. Markers and ink pens.


Flowers! I love them. Haha. Watercolour and pen.

Ps. Did anyone else notice the flyer in the right hand corner? I just realized it says, “YOU DON’T HAVE TO DIET TO LOSE WEIGHT”… Too bad that program was in May.