You’re a Firework

Hey y’all. Here are some photos taken near Waterfront in Vancouver, on Canada Day. There was a special fireworks show in celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday. Aren’t they pretty?


Photos are taken with a Canon 7D, by my dad. However, yours truly edited the pictures, so you can just call it a collaboration.


Sorry that my posts are very sporadic. I am currently travelling in Shanghai, and soon I’ll be moving to Ontario for university!! Oh my! Exciting things are coming my way and to this blog.


See you soon. Thanks for visiting my blog!



Yellowknife (Night) Adventures

You know it: northern lights. The highlight of Yellowknife is the lights. In a warmly lit cabin, I sipped on my steaming, 2-to-1-part mocha. I would suit up in my burrito-wrap-like coat and head outside to check up on the transient auroras. After I close the cabin doors behind me, I was instantly engulfed by the mystical and mesmerizing night. Diamond stars and swift northern lights blazed the dark indigo sky. I easily spent hours outside, negative 30 degrees, as I hurriedly scrambled to adjust my camera in this angle and that angle.


I got to give myself a pat on the back for not getting frostbite, especially for a person like me with extremely dry hands.


Every photo is unique. The auroras shift so fast you can’t get two photos that are alike.


Can we please take a moment to appreciate the Orion constellation (above) ? You probably think that I have some very sentimental memory of Orion but nope! I just talk about it a lot because that’s the only constellation I remember from Science 9. Also, because Orion’s belt is very visible, I like to point it out to everybody. Hahaha.


The lights are probably not what you would expect. The truth is that these auroras are actually significantly weaker in real life than photographs. Most cameras are more sensitive to light than human eyes; thus, the lense will do a better job of picking up the subtle northern wonders.

I have to mention this: taking photos of northern lights is very difficult! My AP calculus derivative test was easier than this!

Look out for my next post where I will offer some insightful and slightly experienced tips and tricks for photographing and editing northern lights. Hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed sharing these beauties.

Talk to you later. Bye for now!

Neon Nightlife, NYC

I arrived in New York in the evening, almost time for dinner. Tired from sitting in my cramped airplane seat for five hours but feeling adventurous, I arrived in Times Square to see the neon lights. Hundreds, maybe thousands of people loitering around the square-shopping? Exercising? Eating? Drinking? Secretly wondering how much electricity is being used per second? (That’s me!) Even on a normal Tuesday night, Times Square is occupied with tons of people simply because the city transforms into a different world at night.


The radiant, big screens allow for beautiful portraits lit blue, red, and pink. My friend took a great portrait of me; to my dismay, a lovely fellow decided to photobomb. KABOOM! Thanks pal.

One thing I loved about New York City was how grand the buildings appear to be, both in size and beauty. The neon lit Empire State Building (photo above)  that peeked out between buildings as I walked through the streets gave me motivation to strive for greatness.

Did you know that the Empire State Building changes colour every night to honour or celebrate? In my photo, the Empire State Building was lit in a magenta pink to celebrate International Women’s Day (March 8). 🙂

I especially love the building on Broadway and West 42nd street (photo on bottom left). I rarely see buildings as elaborate and detailed as this one in Vancouver. Even though most buildings in NYC are simply a rectangle, there are various decorative elements that make the buildings more interesting. Just look at the details embedded into the window, the frame, the arches.

After walking around Times Square, my friends and I grabbed a quick dinner. My first meal in New York was burger and fries from Five Guys near Madison Square Garden. Food was mediocre; my burger was dry and fries were near burnt. Given a choice, I would not return to any Five Guys restaurants in the future. Let me tell you beforehand that my trip to NYC entails lots of mediocre food and a few blissful bites of deliciousness; when you walk and go to as many places as we do in a day, quality of food is not a big issue but rather speed and convenience. Don’t worry though, I have some photos of great food in New York.

One of the best moments of that night was returning to my hotel room…to take off my boots. My boots were one inch heeled but boy did they hurt my feet. Take my advice and just wear your Vans or Nikes because your feet will thank you after a day in New York. 🙂

That concludes my first night in New York. Thanks for reading!

Bye for now.