Die For You

I find that music is the best inspiration for art. This drawing was most definitely inspired by The Weekend.

Ink. Edited by Inkscape. 2017.

This past year for me has been all about Frank Ocean, Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Calvin Harris, and Childish Gambino. Just seeing all those names in the same sentence brings great joy to me. Happy drawing and music listening, y’all.

Cheers, friends. Ttyl.


Life Drawing…

is too much fun. My absence can be explained in two words: life drawing. Did I mention yet that it is really fun? Haha. I think you get the jest of it.

Life drawing class is vastly different from any other art class. First of all, there are no instructions. Second, it is extremely intense. If you walk into the studio, you probably won’t even hear a single breath. Everyone, and I mean everyone, is deeply absorbed in their own drawings. Being the clumsy person I am, the loudest thing coming from my class was my pencil dropping onto the ground, several times.

Life drawing to me is like a puzzle, or a riddle. I am constantly battling time and space. How am I going to capture this posture in 5 minutes? In 15 minutes? How am I going to convey that bent arm? My heart would be racing. After 5, 10, or whatever minutes is over, I would still feel the remnants of the adrenaline pumping through my veins. I would step back and finally admire my arduous work.

5 Minutes

So much fun, I guarantee you if you like observational drawing.

5 Minutes

I am definitely not the best artist when it comes to life drawing, so I am going to keep practicing and working on my observational skills. I hope other amateur artists like me are too! Don’t give up!

30 Minutes

If you are wondering why I only chose three drawings out of numerous others, it is because the other poses were much more anatomical (if you know what I mean haha). And if you ever feel embarrassed at a life drawing session, don’t be!

Alright, hopefully my next post will be more creative. Stay tuned!