My favourite type of milk is cashew milk. So here’s to honour that:

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Cashew Milk

Haha. Just kidding. This was also a part of my AP art portfolio.

Sorry for my extended absence! Aiya. I apologize. I did not realize that gradation events would take up this much time. At the same time, knowing that I will not see and hang out with my HS friends again like this right now, I am just trying to enjoy my last few weeks in HS. YAYAYA I am hyped to graduate! CONGRATS EVERYBODY!

Acrylic, marker. 2017. AP concentration.



how we dispose things

crumpled paper

Acrylic and ink. 2017. AP art concentration.

I am beginning to think that good art nowadays are all a bit cynical and satirical of our own behaviours. Thoughts? I, honestly, don’t mind because I am just a teenager, always in the state of disbelief or deny (I don’t know, haha). But then again good art is very subjective. Shrug, shrug.

Feast your eyes with “good” art. And stay inspired, y’all.


classic crushed cola

where would we be if coca-cola did not exit ? it is a classic even when it is crushed and tossed in the recycling bin . i fished this can out of the recycling bin of my local supermarket . the owner looked at me suspiciously . and i wonder if she ever thinks about how much waste we create and judges our generation

crushed cola

Acrylic and marker. 2017. Art concentration.

The Ideal Hiatus of Plastic

Acrylic, ink, marker. 2017. AP concentration.

Last month went by in a blur. My hiatus was largely due to the growing panic of AP exams and deadlines. While I was not blogging, I was scrambling through math problem sets and dubious art essays. I have to finish my portfolio in 2 weeks. I just have no time for anything else! (Poor excuse I know. )

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Acrylic, ink, marker. 2017.

As I am still trying to conjure an adequate theme for my art portfolio, the basis of it will be about recycling and mindfulness. I mindlessly toss plastic container after container into the recycling, but I never note the impact of my actions. How much garbage and plastic do I create in a week? A month? A year?

And wouldn’t the world be a better place if plastic recycling went into a hiatus, similar to my recent hiatus on wordpress?

To my HS senior peeps, holy crap, we are almost there, like I can smell the scent of caps and gowns in the air. I don’t drink coffee regularly, but I recently started drinking it every morning. I am just trying to get through the last two month of HS, alright? 😉

Ttyl (hopefully when I am less sleep-deprived and fully rejuvenated).

Deepest Reflection

Hey y’all.

I haven’t been feeling well lately but here’s what I have been up to: AP art portfolio prep. Yes, I have finally committed to that course. This piece, acrylic and marker, will be the first of my concentration portfolio. My theme will be something along the lines of reflecting upon the overlooked remnants of mundane life, specifically recycling.

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Recycling No. 1

Hope you stick around for this series because I am certainly excited! Alright, ttyl (when I am feeling better).

Until then, stay rad fellows.

Resource Inspired

Hey y’all.

Super busy weekend. I’ll just share what I’ve been up to: studying, transferring transcripts to universities, and drawing on things I should not be drawing on. Heehee. I can’t decide if I am being resourceful or vandalizing perfectly fine things. Like yesterday, I ripped some pages out of last month’s National Geographic magazine (mine, not from the library or anything; I am not that rebellious) and did some sketches on them. They turned out great but I’ll never be able to read the side effects of Trulicity again.

Last month, I took some paint samples from Home Depot when my dad was buying some paint. And then, I made a series of small paintings on the paint samples, which my art teacher thought was “neat”. I wish you could see how happy I get when my teacher praises me.

SKETCHBOOKNOV2016 (3 of 7).jpg

Okay, I have a good reason for all this. My sketchbook paper is really thin. Hence, when I use markers or paint, the paper crumples or bleeds like nobody’s business. It bothers me when my sketchbook wouldn’t shut completely or when markers bleed onto the next three pages. Using the magazine spreads or paint samples help avoid these problems and also it looks cool. (Insert some awkward grinning from me)

Anyways, be resourceful! But don’t vandalize things that aren’t yours please. Hope you got some inspirations. Talk to you later.

Acrylic and marker on paint sample. 2016.