Advocacy for Cute Rabbits (aka all of them)

What a lot of people don’t know about me is that I volunteer at a local rabbit shelter, and I love (love love) rabbits and other animals. I am not usually an advocacy person, nor do I like making speeches and getting into heated debates. However, I feel the need to address the mistreatment of rabbits, especially pet rabbits.

Please be well informed and educated before getting a pet rabbit, or any other pet.

At the shelter, we witness only a fraction of animal abuse and neglect that occurs locally. Mistreatment may range from ignorance, carelessness, neglect, to malice. Sometimes harm may be done to pet rabbits unintentionally, such as insufficient income to support a healthy rabbit diet. In those cases, the best solution is to amend the problems if possible, to surrender the rabbits to a shelter, or to euthanize the rabbits in very serious cases.

Please, please, please educate yourself before getting yourself a pet rabbit or any other pet. Keep in mind the span of your commitment and the animal’s life span, the proper diet, the amount of compassion and care you are willing to offer, and the expenses.

Some people don’t value animal well being and welfare as much as me; my advocacy may seem pointless to those but I think a real compassionate and kind person treats all lives fairly.  Compassion may come in many forms: surrendering pets, adopting animals, or even not adopting. If you can’t provide the sufficient care for a pet, the best thing is not to get one. Try volunteering at an animal shelter instead (like me haha).

Be kind. Be educated. And if you are a pet owner, you also need to be responsible for taking whatever action that best suits your animal.

Thank you for reading! I am thinking about starting a weekly series about the rabbits at the shelter? But I don’t want to make a commitment yet because I just got a job. What a hectic schedule I have subjected myself to. Haha, but being busy is good for me. Anyways…

Ttyl, internet friends. (If you actually cared to read this lengthy post I can call you a friend right?)

Photo: collage of National Geographic magazines, Inkscape edited. 2017. By me!




Deepest Reflection

Hey y’all.

I haven’t been feeling well lately but here’s what I have been up to: AP art portfolio prep. Yes, I have finally committed to that course. This piece, acrylic and marker, will be the first of my concentration portfolio. My theme will be something along the lines of reflecting upon the overlooked remnants of mundane life, specifically recycling.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Recycling No. 1

Hope you stick around for this series because I am certainly excited! Alright, ttyl (when I am feeling better).

Until then, stay rad fellows.

Life Drawing…

is too much fun. My absence can be explained in two words: life drawing. Did I mention yet that it is really fun? Haha. I think you get the jest of it.

Life drawing class is vastly different from any other art class. First of all, there are no instructions. Second, it is extremely intense. If you walk into the studio, you probably won’t even hear a single breath. Everyone, and I mean everyone, is deeply absorbed in their own drawings. Being the clumsy person I am, the loudest thing coming from my class was my pencil dropping onto the ground, several times.

Life drawing to me is like a puzzle, or a riddle. I am constantly battling time and space. How am I going to capture this posture in 5 minutes? In 15 minutes? How am I going to convey that bent arm? My heart would be racing. After 5, 10, or whatever minutes is over, I would still feel the remnants of the adrenaline pumping through my veins. I would step back and finally admire my arduous work.

5 Minutes

So much fun, I guarantee you if you like observational drawing.

5 Minutes

I am definitely not the best artist when it comes to life drawing, so I am going to keep practicing and working on my observational skills. I hope other amateur artists like me are too! Don’t give up!

30 Minutes

If you are wondering why I only chose three drawings out of numerous others, it is because the other poses were much more anatomical (if you know what I mean haha). And if you ever feel embarrassed at a life drawing session, don’t be!

Alright, hopefully my next post will be more creative. Stay tuned!


Yellowknife (Night) Adventures

You know it: northern lights. The highlight of Yellowknife is the lights. In a warmly lit cabin, I sipped on my steaming, 2-to-1-part mocha. I would suit up in my burrito-wrap-like coat and head outside to check up on the transient auroras. After I close the cabin doors behind me, I was instantly engulfed by the mystical and mesmerizing night. Diamond stars and swift northern lights blazed the dark indigo sky. I easily spent hours outside, negative 30 degrees, as I hurriedly scrambled to adjust my camera in this angle and that angle.


I got to give myself a pat on the back for not getting frostbite, especially for a person like me with extremely dry hands.


Every photo is unique. The auroras shift so fast you can’t get two photos that are alike.


Can we please take a moment to appreciate the Orion constellation (above) ? You probably think that I have some very sentimental memory of Orion but nope! I just talk about it a lot because that’s the only constellation I remember from Science 9. Also, because Orion’s belt is very visible, I like to point it out to everybody. Hahaha.


The lights are probably not what you would expect. The truth is that these auroras are actually significantly weaker in real life than photographs. Most cameras are more sensitive to light than human eyes; thus, the lense will do a better job of picking up the subtle northern wonders.

I have to mention this: taking photos of northern lights is very difficult! My AP calculus derivative test was easier than this!

Look out for my next post where I will offer some insightful and slightly experienced tips and tricks for photographing and editing northern lights. Hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed sharing these beauties.

Talk to you later. Bye for now!

Yellowknife (Day) Adventures

Wow. A trip to Yellowknife for a city girl like me was very different, but still very fun. For my whole life I’ve lived in urban cities and suddenly going to a place where the weather is below freezing and no bustling shopping malls are in sight, I felt quite displaced. Nonetheless, I had a great, unforgettable holiday in Yellowknife with friends and family. (Yes, just wait for my “Yellowknife (Night) Adventures”. You’ll see why. Heehee.)

Let me tell you, you definitely do not go to Yellowknife for masterchef food, luxury hotel, or shopping (because you probably wouldn’t get any of those). You go there for the experience! The cold that was in Yellowknife was none like I have ever experienced. It was dry and chilling. My eyelashes froze up often. The air I breathed out froze in my nostrils. But if you cover up properly, the cold should not be a problem. The greatest advice I received prior to my trip was to wear two pairs of gloves: fingered gloves beneath fleecy mittens. Trust me, you do not want to expose bare skin to the sweeping, slicing winds, not even for a second.

The vastness of land was also very different for me. Standing on the frozen Great Slave Lake, I felt miniscule. The sun is rising from the horizon that is invisible to the eye. The farthest I could see from all around me was endless snow and trailing winds picking up snow particles. You really understand that the world does not revolve around you. I mean how can it when you are so tiny and the world is so gigantic?

One of the things I learned from the locals was the evident presence of global warming. The weather in Yellowknife has already changed over the decades, as it got warmer and warmer. Climate change is real, and we need to address this pressing issue with more seriousness and formality. I want to contribute more to our battle against global warming. If you aren’t convinced to join, go watch the video of a poor polar bear trying to climb atop a thin, global warming-ridden, floating piece of ice. It is heartbreaking.

The local (or as local as I could get as a tourist) attitude in Yellowknife was incredible. Everyone treated me with kindness, showered me with smiles. Their positivity, motivation, and courage are monumental and truly inspiring. Shoutout to everyone in Yellowknife who made this trip great!

Stay tuned for night adventures! They are the highlights of this trip. Hence, I saved the best for last (winkwink).

Talk to you soon!