Food Fervor

Can anyone else relate? You know, with my ardent passion for delicious food and photography. Photography so that these wonderful memories of beautiful, delicious atoms and molecules will not be forgotten. This week, the most delicious foods were the ones I ate at home like the incredible smoothie bowl in the featured image! You don’t have to go to hipster cafes to get blog/instagram worthy photos, nor do you need to be a food guru (I am not a skilled chef, although I consider myself a blender guru). And this post proves it!


Above, is a dish my dad made. My dad is an amazing chef, and I am extremely happy that he chose to cook a veggie medley. It tasted as good as it looks!


One of the easiest things to whip up in the morning is quick cook oatmeal. To make it one of the most delicious things, you simply need to have good toppings. Cinnamon, pecans, and apples currently hold my heart. I drizzle some maple syrup and sprinkle a little bit of brown sugar on top and then perfection! I took this photo this morning 😛


Smoothie bowls (or specifically cherry smoothie bowls) are my to go snack. The frozen mangoes and dark cherries create this thick, soft serve consistency that makes me feel like I’m indulging in ice cream.

Can I please go back to Monday and enjoy that smoothie bowl? Salivating here.


Rice! Rice! Rice! Is delicious!

I’m telling you, garnish is key to making food look exquisite.


I am a green smoothie addict! The secret is frozen mangoes! The sweetness of mangoes mask the sometimes vile taste of green leaves. I find that the taste of kale and spinach are easier to conceal than other greens. Orange or orange juice is also crucial to help balance out the sweet with some tartness. I love to add chia seeds on top, and for this photo, I also added some frozen blueberries and peanut powder (sounds strange but looks and tastes great!).

Please excuse me for the fact that I poured my green smoothie into a bowl. Let’s just pretend that I didn’t try to make a smoothie bowl and failed miserably.


Fruits! Fruits! Dragonfruit! This fruit derived from a plant of the cactus species is the perfect pick me up on a rainy Sunday afternoon; it is fresh and has the perfect amount of sweetness. Its flaming exterior and bright pink skin never fail to impress the eyes.

Hope you like these photos as much as I do! Happy new year! 🙂 Bye for now


Gratitude = Happiness

I don’t know if you heard but Vancouver and the Victoria area experienced an earthquake 2 days ago. I was almost asleep when the shaking began. My closet doors shook heavily against the frames, scaring the crap out of me. My first thought was, “Oh my gosh! This is the “Big One”!”. You know the impending earthquake, predicted to occur along the Western American Coast, around 9.0 magnitude?! Luckily, it wasn’t. So lucky.

My facebook notifications were going crazy. Everyone had the same questions. Should I go outside? Should I bring my laptop? Should I haul my expensive camera with me? Should I stay in bed? Sheer panic assaulted everyone’s minds.

Later, as I listened tensely to the radio, scientists reported that the earthquake was only around 4.7 magnitude. Imagine a 9.0 earthquake! The “Big One” would be 10 000 times the one I experienced! Now I sleep with my earthquake kit beside my bed.

The first thing I did after approximately 8 seconds of shaking, was to call my parents and family. To make sure they were alright.

Go hug your family and friends and tell them you love them! 🙂 I am so grateful to have my family and to be able to spend my holiday with them and Dad’s homemade food. Nothing tastes as good as homemade meals! Look at the colours of the vegetables! (I probably should have sprayed some water on them, they be looking thirsty)

If you are ever feeling depressed or down, just make a list of all the things you are grateful for. A TED video was explaining how being grateful reaps more happiness. It makes sense- you sort of make a bad situations into good one by remember all the good things you already have in your life. 🙂

Happy New Years! And take care!

Talk to you soon.

Suave September Sketchbook

It has been almost 1 month! I am the worst blogger ever! I sat at my desk thinking I have to post something today, or I can’t ever show my pixels on this pixelated url ever again. My sketchbook was hollering to be photographed so here it is:


Hands, cool. Acrylic.


Apples, cool. Acrylic on Nat Geo.

everybody does it

Picking your nose, not so cool in public. Sorry lady! I didn’t mean to invade your personal space. You were the first face I saw. Genuinely sorry. Please forgive me. Acrylic on ad.


My art teacher was emphasizing on the visual attraction of interacting strokes and lines. Is this COHESIVE ENOUGH? Not really. Markers and ink pens.


Flowers! I love them. Haha. Watercolour and pen.

Ps. Did anyone else notice the flyer in the right hand corner? I just realized it says, “YOU DON’T HAVE TO DIET TO LOSE WEIGHT”… Too bad that program was in May.

September: 5 ways to love school again (yes, it’s possible)

#1 Order pizza for lunch.

Yep. I did that before. Call a local pizza store that delivers, in the morning. Agree to meet at the front of your school at lunch time. Then, for lunch, you get to enjoy a hot, cheesy pizza and you will be satisfied enough to finish the rest of the school day. See, you can love school.

#2 Take cool classes.

You need to have something to look forward to. Here are some ideas: computer programming, jewelry, graphic arts, psychology, foods. We all have that one class that we love and would go out of our ways to attend and be punctual. For me, art and math (yes, I love math, what I nerd I am) classes are my favourite. I would ball my eyes out if I missed either classes. See, you can love school.

If you can’t change your schedule now, you can always sign up for a cool online course.

#3 Have a secret hide away location with your friends.

Scout your school for the always vacant hide away and meet your friends there. Your friends and you can brings snacks, lawn chairs, and speakers. It’s rewarding to find a place to relax from the chaos that is called school. See, you can love school.

#4 Miss an unimportant, dull class by accidentally (wink wink) making an semi-important medical appointment during it.

BE WARED, you’d probably have to make up for the activities you missed, but if you knew that your class would be IDK, watching a boring movie you could tell your teacher the class BEFORE that you have an appointment and he/she would gladly excuse you. You should have a LEGIT appointment and get a note from the doctors or your guardians. I missed a number of classes when I had braces for three years (DW, they weren’t exams). See, you can love school.

#5 Celebrate every achievement.

When my friends and I finish an important exam, we bus to a local restaurant and eat something amazing. Doughnuts, sushi, american brunch, and frozen yogurt all scream, “SUCCESS”. See, you can love school.

What made you love school a little bit more?

August Fav’s: Sketching, Doughnuts, Sarasate…

Hello, long time no talk. My August favourites are an abundant and I can finally share them. You can’t tell but excitement is gushing out of every pore in my body. This is only my 5th post but I think I spent the most time on this one. All photos are taken by me or created by me. Hope you likey.

man 1

  1. DRAWING: July consisted of homework, exams, and practice. August was a good month because I got to work on my hobbies and do what I love. (happy face). I love drawing portraits, especially marble statues. Don’t ask why. The sculptors’ virtuoso is unfathomably impressive. Michelangelo’s Pietà is amazing. Below is what I call, “Gun beats everything”.

hands 2


2. Fahrenheit 451: By Ray Bradbury. Dystopian novel. There are many elements of this book that really stuck out. The glimmering pearl of this novel is the following: when Guy Montag slowly starts to wake up from the passive, dull lives their society cycles in, he becomes insane with realization. Montag is interesting because he displays a desire to be rational and cognitive in the passive world; ironically, Montag becomes maniacal to majority of society. This goes to show that people can’t accept change easily. (I have to raise my hand in agreement; it took me years to accept avocados outside of sushi)

Version 2

3. Waterfalls: They are beautiful. Most waterfalls are isolated, makes me feel like the whole forest belongs to me. (MUHAHAHA). The water stream sounds are therapeutic.

whiskey bacon

4. Doughnuts: This one is called Bacon Whiskey. After a long day of work, this is the best reward I could receive (other than winning the lottery). What’s the craziest doughnut you have eaten?

5. Romanza Andaluza composed by Sarasate: Here’s a link. I had my violin exam in August and this is the only piece I didn’t get sick of after playing it ten billion times. I don’t know much about the background of this piece but my ears can articulate (exaggeration to the max) an appreciation for beautiful music when they hear them.

What are your favourite things this month? (happy face)