Resource Inspired

Hey y’all.

Super busy weekend. I’ll just share what I’ve been up to: studying, transferring transcripts to universities, and drawing on things I should not be drawing on. Heehee. I can’t decide if I am being resourceful or vandalizing perfectly fine things. Like yesterday, I ripped some pages out of last month’s National Geographic magazine (mine, not from the library or anything; I am not that rebellious) and did some sketches on them. They turned out great but I’ll never be able to read the side effects of Trulicity again.

Last month, I took some paint samples from Home Depot when my dad was buying some paint. And then, I made a series of small paintings on the paint samples, which my art teacher thought was “neat”. I wish you could see how happy I get when my teacher praises me.

SKETCHBOOKNOV2016 (3 of 7).jpg

Okay, I have a good reason for all this. My sketchbook paper is really thin. Hence, when I use markers or paint, the paper crumples or bleeds like nobody’s business. It bothers me when my sketchbook wouldn’t shut completely or when markers bleed onto the next three pages. Using the magazine spreads or paint samples help avoid these problems and also it looks cool. (Insert some awkward grinning from me)

Anyways, be resourceful! But don’t vandalize things that aren’t yours please. Hope you got some inspirations. Talk to you later.

Acrylic and marker on paint sample. 2016.


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