Summer Pressure

Whenever people ask me , “Wassup?”, I always feel the need to please them. The question “Wassup?” builds anticipation for a supposedly clever and impressive reply. Especially now that it is summer, people expect more from me.

Sadly, my reply isn’t very impressive. My summer mainly entails of summer school and RCM History. Pterophytes and bryophytes and Bach and Berlioz. #nerd. But I embrace my inner nerd. What is wrong with wanting to learn and expand your horizons on biology? Haha.

Spend your summer however you like. Don’t ever feel the need to go carousing or be frivolous to impress others. It is your summer, your time, your life.

I sincerely want to apologize for my sporadic schedule of posts. Biology is amazing. Summer school isn’t particularly fun, but the time I spend learning the material myself has been wonderful. Biology is truly a masterpiece of our intelligence and our endeavours at trying to understand the natural world. I have been busy with class, studying, and volunteer, so sorry once again!

Recently, I went to Lighthouse Park in Vancouver, BC. The feature image speaks for itself. It is a thousand words of beauty and purity. I highly recommend everyone to visit this place for the scenery! To jazz up the photo, I added lines to give the image a geometric, hipster vibe. I am still trying to figure out Inkscape. LOL.

Hope your summer is going well!

Bye for now!



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