Wallpaper Design + Some Changes

No, I am not taking my life in a new direction to become an avocado farmer. Though that sounds interesting, I guess what I am trying to say is that I am taking a new direction with my interests, and there needs to be some changes to this blog. Here I am, sitting on the brink, almost having to jump in, of having to make the decision that will significantly influence the rest of my life. Not trying to be melodramatic, but going to university is A BIG DEAL. Like what’s your major? Where will you live? Who will you live with? What will you do?!!

Let’s talk about my life. It is definitely frustrating to go to an art school and want to graduate to go into medicine. My art teacher frowned at me for saying that I don’t see art as a career for me. And I don’t. I love to paint, sketch, and design, but I only see art as a hobby. Sometimes, I have doubts about my future, like whether I should go into arts or medicine; however, I always come back to the same conclusion of heading towards medicine. If anyone asks me why I want to go into medicine instead of art, my answer would be that I want to keep expanding my knowledge of our world, help solve the world’s enigmas, and actively participate in the welfare of our community and our people. It is about going out to the world and making a direct difference. It is about bringing justice to our society. It is about biology, anatomy, and physiology and how fascinating each of those are.

I am really pushing myself this year to get out of my comfort zone and to bring some SCIENCE to this blog. I will try to keep a balance of lifestyle, art, and science on this website. I am elated to create more content that combines art and science.

I am also trying out Inkscape this week; that was how I designed the wallpaper! Before, I would have to draw, take a picture, transfer it to a photo editing app and bust out all the filters, but now I just have to use the app. Might I say, so much easier!

CHEERS to our future. May our efforts and passion guide us through time and welcome us to our destined life.

Alright, bye for now!



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