Ink and Felt Markers- 2016

Here is my question. Where can I learn to be a professional hypnotist?

School was so busy lately! But somehow, I watched a lot of documentaries on Youtube. I watched a really interesting documentary about Jupiter. Sounds boring but once you start you can’t stop. The swirling patterns from Jupiter’s visible surface really inspired this piece.

Also, I AM SO EXCITED FOR NASA’s JUNO! I can’t wait for July when it finally arrives near Jupiter. I did a project on Juno in elementary school. Time sure passes by fast.

Did you know that when you multitask, the left and right prefrontal cortex of the brain are forced to work independently to complete different tasks simultaneously instead of working together? But hey, studies also show that your brain is capable of juggling 2 tasks simultaneously. Maybe not 3 tasks though. So if you really have to multitask, just choose to do 2 things at once.

Original Photo:


Tampering with the buttons on photo editing apps really helped to make my piece more interesting. 🙂

Okay, bye for now! Talk soon! Thanks for reading all this blabbering nonsense. You are great. 🙂


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