September: 5 ways to love school again (yes, it’s possible)

#1 Order pizza for lunch.

Yep. I did that before. Call a local pizza store that delivers, in the morning. Agree to meet at the front of your school at lunch time. Then, for lunch, you get to enjoy a hot, cheesy pizza and you will be satisfied enough to finish the rest of the school day. See, you can love school.

#2 Take cool classes.

You need to have something to look forward to. Here are some ideas: computer programming, jewelry, graphic arts, psychology, foods. We all have that one class that we love and would go out of our ways to attend and be punctual. For me, art and math (yes, I love math, what I nerd I am) classes are my favourite. I would ball my eyes out if I missed either classes. See, you can love school.

If you can’t change your schedule now, you can always sign up for a cool online course.

#3 Have a secret hide away location with your friends.

Scout your school for the always vacant hide away and meet your friends there. Your friends and you can brings snacks, lawn chairs, and speakers. It’s rewarding to find a place to relax from the chaos that is called school. See, you can love school.

#4 Miss an unimportant, dull class by accidentally (wink wink) making an semi-important medical appointment during it.

BE WARED, you’d probably have to make up for the activities you missed, but if you knew that your class would be IDK, watching a boring movie you could tell your teacher the class BEFORE that you have an appointment and he/she would gladly excuse you. You should have a LEGIT appointment and get a note from the doctors or your guardians. I missed a number of classes when I had braces for three years (DW, they weren’t exams). See, you can love school.

#5 Celebrate every achievement.

When my friends and I finish an important exam, we bus to a local restaurant and eat something amazing. Doughnuts, sushi, american brunch, and frozen yogurt all scream, “SUCCESS”. See, you can love school.

What made you love school a little bit more?


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