August Fav’s: Sketching, Doughnuts, Sarasate…

Hello, long time no talk. My August favourites are an abundant and I can finally share them. You can’t tell but excitement is gushing out of every pore in my body. This is only my 5th post but I think I spent the most time on this one. All photos are taken by me or created by me. Hope you likey.

man 1

  1. DRAWING: July consisted of homework, exams, and practice. August was a good month because I got to work on my hobbies and do what I love. (happy face). I love drawing portraits, especially marble statues. Don’t ask why. The sculptors’ virtuoso is unfathomably impressive. Michelangelo’s Pietà is amazing. Below is what I call, “Gun beats everything”.

hands 2


2. Fahrenheit 451: By Ray Bradbury. Dystopian novel. There are many elements of this book that really stuck out. The glimmering pearl of this novel is the following: when Guy Montag slowly starts to wake up from the passive, dull lives their society cycles in, he becomes insane with realization. Montag is interesting because he displays a desire to be rational and cognitive in the passive world; ironically, Montag becomes maniacal to majority of society. This goes to show that people can’t accept change easily. (I have to raise my hand in agreement; it took me years to accept avocados outside of sushi)

Version 2

3. Waterfalls: They are beautiful. Most waterfalls are isolated, makes me feel like the whole forest belongs to me. (MUHAHAHA). The water stream sounds are therapeutic.

whiskey bacon

4. Doughnuts: This one is called Bacon Whiskey. After a long day of work, this is the best reward I could receive (other than winning the lottery). What’s the craziest doughnut you have eaten?

5. Romanza Andaluza composed by Sarasate: Here’s a link. I had my violin exam in August and this is the only piece I didn’t get sick of after playing it ten billion times. I don’t know much about the background of this piece but my ears can articulate (exaggeration to the max) an appreciation for beautiful music when they hear them.

What are your favourite things this month? (happy face)


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